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Welcome to the first ever completely transparent temporary chef booking service that is set up to match you with chefs that are best qualified to provide you with the skills and experiences for the specific requirements of your kitchen.

A traditional agent may charge you the same rate for a very different level of skill and experience from one chef to the next. This can mean that they often send chefs out who work for the lowest rate on a placement in order to maximise their margin.

We do not think this approach is fair to customers who can end up getting varying levels of quality for the same cost. We also do not believe it is fair on those chefs who do a great job for customers but have a huge chunk of the rate paid for them taken by the agent before its gets to the chef.

Our chefs set their own rates of pay and you get a chef that is getting 100% of their hourly rate without an agent taking an unknown margin out. We charge a modest booking fee that is clearly stated together with a simple easily visible cost for the chefs NI and pension cost. Our customers know who is getting what with our fully transparent approach.

It's so good knowing who you are getting and exactly how much it's going to cost, which has made planning Rotas and keeping track of costs simple.
Darren, Exec Chef, Independent Pub Group