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We provide the platform for you to sell your skills to potential customers. Our easy to use profile builder allows you to shout about your experiences. Upload your CV and certificates to show bookers what you’re all about. You decide the areas that you want to work in and we’ll let you know when demand is high in other locations so you can amend your working radius to pick up extra work when you want it.

We believe that chefs should be able to set their own rates of pay and back it up with delivering a fantastic service to customers. Our chefs that demand the highest rates have the best customer reviews and skills to back up their profiles.

The last thing to do is set your availability; make yourself available at times that suit your schedule. We will keep you informed if demand peaks on days that you’re not available to give you the option of getting yourself out there when hourly rates are on the increase.

The Bookachef platform has allowed me to plan my life, fit in things I want to do, see my family and earn as much as I was when I held a permanent position as a head chef at a pub restaurant.
Alex C