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How to make sure you’re getting the best reviews from our customers?

We know that getting reviews can be a little nerve racking but following a few basic principles can make sure that you’re getting top marks for every job you take on. Reviews are coming into every part of our lives these days and our chefs are no exception. We want to reward the chefs that do a great job and help you to build and maintain a fantastic star rating on Bookachef.

One of the cornerstones of our review criteria for chefs is timekeeping. This obviously includes arriving in good time in advance of your shift to get your orientation of the outlet that you’re working in. If you are in the kitchen changed into your clean whites ready for your agreed start time, this first impression will go a long way. This applies to breaks too, our customers are busy and if you come back a few minutes late from a scheduled break, this can add to their stress levels.

Always introduce yourself to other team members when you arrive at the venue. The other team members will appreciate you breaking the ice and understanding why you are there. The front of house staff will also be much more inclined to make you a brew if they know your name.

Cleanliness is another key scoring area on our chef review form. As a chef, your first priority is to ensure that you are working in a clean and safe environment. Food hygiene legislation should be adhered to at all times. If any circumstance arises in the kitchen that compromises food hygiene or the health and safety of yourself or others in the team, you should report it immediately to the senior chef. They will appreciate the heads up and have reassurance that you have their backs.

While on placement, you will work with a wide variety of people and experience varying levels of trade. The most important thing to remember is to work as part of the team. Don’t see yourself as separate from the permanent or other agency staff. Take your lead in terms of the intensity that you are working at from the senior chefs in the kitchen.  Be sure to communicate clearly with the team and most importantly work with a smile on your face.

If you tick all these boxes, you’ll be getting top reviews every time. Remember our chefs with the best reviews appear first in the chef search area on our website. This drives more bookings your way and allows you to charge higher rates of pay.

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