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Bookachef December Newsletter

Book a Chef Newsletter – December

‘Tis finally the season to be jolly and I’m sure you are all fully in the swing of all of the madness that this month has to offer us!! We are drawing to the close of another year and would like to start off this month’s newsletter with a huge thank you to both chefs and customers alike, along with wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Still Some Room at The Inn…….

Predictably, we have experienced a big rise in bookings over the last couple of weeks, fortunately this has been met with a rise in new chef sign ups to the site and some old faces arriving back on the scene. We still have a couple of shifts left to cover and a couple of chefs waiting to be booked for work in an already jam-packed calendar! So, if there are any gaps in the rota, we may just about be able to squeeze in that extra pair of hands for you……

Chefs! It’s vitally important to keep your availability calendar updated on a regular basis, we can’t have you missing out on well-paid shifts because you haven’t logged in for a while! A lot of our customers will be busy well in to January too, so it’s worth keeping organised so that you don’t miss out.

Overall, we are very happy with the response to our recent bookings and enquiries have gathered and our core team of hard working, reliable chefs is growing and getting more shifts under their belts. We are also having more fantastic venues place their trust in us at this busy time, which we are truly grateful for. This means an increase in shifts to be covered and more variety to the work load. Our Chefs have really stepped up and helped with bells on!

A Little Something Under the Tree………

It wouldn’t be the season of good will without a little gift! Along with great hourly rates and flexibility to work around a schedule that suits you, there is even more reason to join the chef team at Book a Chef!! We are rewarding our chefs for their loyalty and commitment. We have launched our new incentive scheme for just…. well…… doing your job!! It’s as simple as that! The more shifts you work, the more gold sacks you earn. These can be redeemed after 100 shifts for £300 of Amazon Vouchers, or if you can resist the temptation, hold out for 200 shifts and treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a £600 holiday voucher!! Start building up your gold sacks from December 1st 2018.

Only a Few More Sleeps!

Before you know it, it will be time to take the tree down again and promise yourself an outlandish new health regime in the new year to shed the extra pounds!! Until then, enjoy what the season has to offer and remember, although it’s hard work, you are doing a great job making other people’s festive period special. Make sure to leave enough time on your busy schedule to eat, drink and be merry!! 

Season’s Greetings from All of the Book a Chef Team!!!!!

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